Moon and Mars

The distance between Mars and Earth is growing now, but Mars can still be visible as a nice bright object on the night sky.

Yesterday I took the opportunity to take a photo of Mars that was optically visible very close to the Moon. I did not use my telescope, I just wanted to take a quick photo of both objects. To my surprise, the photos were quite nice. OK, I had to make some post-processing. Here are the results, what do you think?

Mars is that small “dot” on the left side of this photo. Can you see it? I have tried to take a photo of Mars – the raw photos I still have not processed yet, so try to come back later. If the sources (raw) photos would be fine for processing, I will publish the photos here.

And here is our nearest planetary neighbor – Moon. When observing the Moon, then the best details are always visible in the location of terminator, which is the border between the night and day side of the Lunar surface.

For these photos I used my compact digital camera (no-DSLR). It is a clear evidence that you can take a nice photos of Moon (and even Mars!) also with just a digital compact camera.

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