Free and effective agriculture solution with space technology

Are you a farmer and you are trying to get from your agriculture field most what you can but you would like to keep the soil rich for the next seasons? Take a look at this solution!

Images above: Screenshots of the Apple iPhone smartphone screen with installed farmAR app in production. Image credits: Dr. Beril Sirmacek.


I would like to present you and recommend you one awesome app that can help you with your farm, with growing plants and vegetables on your farm. Agriculture of every farmer, the big or small company, can become more effective with this smart solution that use space technology of modern days. And the bonus is that it is FREE for everyone, even for your business.

I have talked to the developer of this excellent solution, Dr. Beril Sirmacek, from Create4D.

J.K.: Hi Beril, I read a lot of interesting information about your project. Could you please describe us the solution you have developed and released into procuction?

B.S.: Yes, of course. The solution I have developed is an application called farmAR. This solution shows information about ‘vegetation health’ and ‘soil moisture’ with a simple smartphone app. Besides providing satellite observation based on automatically updated 2D maps, farmAR app provides an Augmented Reality (AR) guide.

J.K.: How can help this solution to the users of the farmAR app?

B.S.: The AR guide can point the sudden vegetation or moisture change locations which are not normally visible to the human eye. User can pin-point these crucial locations (just like finding a Pokemon with AR), and take the right action before the situation becomes dangerous for crop health.

J.K.: So it means that it is even cost-saving solution.

B.S.: Yes. Farmers can save huge amount of time and money by taking an early action, if there are unhealthy condition changes detected in the land. Since farmers can treat to very specific locations instead of spraying chemicals to the whole farm as a possible protection, they can save their resources by reducing unnecessary chemical usage.

J.K.: This is excellent solution as I can see. It even saves the soil for further seasons.

B.S.: Exactly. As a side effect, farmAR app causes plants to become healthier, and soil to become richer.

J.K.: I have one last question. I know what does it mean to develop such a complex solution using even a bit of space technology. To put into production a project like this, it is really not as easy as it may look like. How much does it cost when someone would like to use the farmAR app and the whole service?

B.S.: The farmAR app is for free and even using of the entire service is for free. I hope that farmers will enjoy it and that it will help them with their agriculture farms to grow more healthy plants with less chemicals, less money spent and with a growing results.

J.K.: Thank you Beril for the information you have shared to us. I wish you a good luck with this project and many happy farmers all around the world!

I would like to express my thank you to Dr. Beril Sirmacek for finding a time to share the information about the project. If you are interested about the application and if you would like to use it, then you can download it here. I wish you only the best!

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