Moon South Pole

Moonwalk to Lunar South Pole

Have you ever observed the South Pole of the Moon? I have taken some photos with my camera a few days ago.

And after the processing of the images, I have realized that it would be worth to take a closer look at this location as it is related a little bit to my research work, too.

Moon South Pole

The photo above shows the South Pole as I was able to see it on August 6, 2019 through the optics of my digital camera. I did not use the telescope, because this observation was not planned one.

Moon surface as seen from home

The second photo above shows you three craters in a row – Theophillus, Cyrillus and Catharina. Take a look at the annotated photo below:

Moon annotated

At the very bottom of the photo are three other craters (or not craters?) in a row. Can you help me to identify them? Write a comment if you want 🙂


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