Planetary evening

After couple of days it was finally nice weather. Pretty cold outside -1 C, but feels like -10 C. But important thing is, that the sky clear and there are visible nit just the Moon, but also planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Maybe also some others, but today I was interested to see Saturn and Jupiter.

Simulation of the SW sky by the SkySafari software.

The seeing through the telescope was excellent. I could clearly see the rings of Saturn, although I could nit take a better photo than the one beliw. I simply do not have any better camera.

Saturn (photo with smartphone attached to the telescope).

I had a small problem to find Jupiter with the telescope. Because of the tree in my view. But then I solved this and everything was ok.


I did not take a photo of Jupiter. I just enjoyed the live view through the telescope.

I decided to take some photos of Moon. You can see them above. And also one final photo of the evening – Moon, our nearest neighbor in space.


Date of observation: 21 November 2020.

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