Life in space

Like many other scientists, I use to spend a lot of time with reading and analysis of various research papers. Many of us are looking for a signs of life in space. What do you think, is there a life somewhere in the Universe?

I can tell you now. Yes. There is a life in the Universe. And we all know about that, but most of people simply ignore that. The small “island” in the Universe, which is offering extremely good conditions for life is our small planet – the Earth.

Recent news in magazines and newspapers are showing us a really big consequences of human activities, especially of the industry, extremely strong agriculture and uncontrolled pollution that we -humans- are causing. The quality of the life of only a small group of people has increased to its extremes, but the quality of life of millions (or better said – billions?) has decreased to unimaginable poverty. Very closely related to this are activities and business of many corporations that simply do not care about the environment, animals and nature. Of course there are some exceptions, but how many of them? Are the money really everything for some few ultra-rich people that cannot see what is around them?

I know, not everything is related to the corporations, not everything is in the hands of billionaires. We all can do something and we all can change the world. It is not just about thinking, it is about an everyday life. We, people, must think about every singe activity that we do during the day. Because every little change can help. Changing of the global climate is not 100% caused by humans, this is true. Planet Earth is going through its own life cycles and these are one of the main reasons of the global warming. But people caused that the global warming is more rapid and even stronger as it could be. There are many things that people can d. Personally me, I think that one of the most important of them is education and improvement of the respect that we all must have to our planet and to life. Remember that we -people- are not just one kind of life on Earth. We do not own the Earth. There are million of other species and we all are sharing this beautiful planet. We must not damage it, we must help to keep it alive. Only then we will be able to spread the humanity to other planets or even to deep space in our far future. But now, we must save and keep what we already have here. On our small blue “island” lost in the Universe.


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